Sheet metal Abkant bending

optimize material usage

Transform 2D profiles into almost any form

Our range of TRUMPF bending and forming equipments meets all bending and folding requirements, from adjustable working angle, to speed and excellent precision

scale production

Scalable manufacturing process

Make as many batches of the same product as you want, each conforming to the same quality standards

save time

Save time and costs

Abkant bending is fast and precise, so the project delivery is significantly accelerated. Our engineers will explain every step of the process, guiding your design and helping you get the results that you want.

We can process the following materials: CARBON STEEL, STAINLESS STEEL, ALUMINIUM, BRASS, COPPER

Bending force: 135 tF
Bending length: 3050 mm
Distance between columns: 2600 mm

Bending force: 230 tF
Bending length: 4000 mm
Distance between columns: 3700 mm

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