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Kline Laser uses the fastest and most accurate metal cutting technology to produce complex-shaped industrial parts with smooth, burr-free edges which have very low surface roughness and can be assembled immediately, without further finishing.

Kline Laser offers integrated services

Laser cutting

Smart cuts, precision down to the to the last millimeter, optimal use of materials

Abkant bending

Transform 2D profiles into almost any form, scale production, save time and costs


Exceptional quality MIG/MAG and TIG/WIG welding

CAD Assist

3D modelling & sketch vectorization, model optimization, technology match-up

Become partners in performance

Kline Laser has over 10 years experience in the high-end automotive industry and in the production of metal parts for industrial or domestic use. We employ high-performance laser cutting, Abkant bending, and TIG/MIG welding to fabricate even the most complex pieces made of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass, either in 2D (metal sheet) or in 3D formats (pipes). The parts we make do not require further de-burring, polishing, drilling or milling and are ready for installation; our prices include delivery to our customer's workshops.
Our specialized CAD department uses a dedicated software to optimize the processing layouts, to minimize material waste and increase productivity. Working at the intersection of technology and creativity, we bring any design you can imagine to life.

Kline Laser metal parts fabrication

All your production needs in one place

Kline Laser is your one-stop-shop: we provide full service, from 3D-modelling based on your drawings or design brief, to precisely engineered final products fabricated using laser cutting, Abkant bending or welding technology.

High performance machines & software

TRUMPF TruMatic L 3030
State-of-the-art laser cutting center

  • Max. steel thickness: 20

  • Max. stainless thickness: 15

  • Max aluminum thickness: 10

  • Positioning speed X/Y (m/min): 60/ 60

  • Deck size: : 4600 x 9300 x 2000 mm

  • Working Area: 3000 x 1500 x 115 mm

CNC Abkant:

  • Max. steel thickness: 20

  • Max. stainless thickness: 15

  • Max aluminum thickness: 10


Our design engineers have a vast experience in SolidWorks 3D CAD and will assist with any DWG-compatible softwares


Materials & maximum thicknesses

We support laser cutting, Abkant bending and welding of most grades and alloys of steel, stainless, aluminum, and inconel. Common materials include A36 "mild" steel, 304 and 316 stainless steel, 110 copper, 260 "cartridge" brass, and 5052, 6061, and 7075 aluminum.

Stainless steel 304
Can be used to build relatively inexpensive products to a high standard of functionality and durability.
Pros: moderate strength and thermo-chemical stability
Cons: weight - stainless steel has roughly the same density of steel, but reduced tensile strength.

Commonly used in a variety of applications where strength to weight ratio is paramount.
Pros: very high tensile strength, low density, relatively easy to machine and weld
Cons: cost, prolonged heat exposure exceeding 600 C causes oxidation of the material, resulting in brittle components and potential breakages. For this reason, titanium is best suited to cooler applications.

Inconel 625
Used in the aerospace industry to build extremely durable and heat-resistant components are required (e.g. exhaust turbine blades in high performance jet engines).
Pros: extremely high tensile strength (roughly the same strength to weight ratio as titanium), extreme thermo-chemical stability.
Cons: difficult to machine and weld, expensive

TUV Rheinland ISO 9001 logo

TÜV ISO 9001

Kline Laser carries the worldwide-respected TÜV ISO 9001 quality certification, which warrants that our products and production processes in laser cutting, Abkant bending and TIG or MIG welding meet the highest standards for engineering, manufacturing, quality, and safety.

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